Puzzle Heroes Saga
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Puzzle Heroes Saga
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Puzzle Heroes Saga Description

Combine three or more units to unleash powerful attacks and take down the evil forces that have invaded this free mobile game. Keep an eye on your health as you delve into a world filled with magical creatures and secrets waiting to be uncovered by you...


What’s the best way for developers to reach the biggest audience possible? By melting different genres into one colorful mix of challenging fun. With Puzzle Heroes Saga, Snail Games USA (Taichi Panda) has brought forward a game that has strategy, puzzle and roleplaying elements all rolled up into one. The mobile game sends you on a journey through unique maps like the Eden Forest or the Frostland, allowing you to learn new tricks as you play. Dozens of new levels await you in Puzzle Heroes Saga, a free-to-play title available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

From frosty mountains to seething lava: Where you spend your time online doesn’t really matter, as long as you keep your eyes on the prize. In Puzzle Heroes Saga, it is your goal to complete each and every level with the best possible rating and this is achieved by swiftly sliding your fingers across the touchscreen to combine three or more units. You could say that this mobile game falls under the Match-3 category while also fulfilling your adventuring needs. Different kinds of units are available to you in the free-to-play title, waiting to battle it out for you against grizzly enemies.

The more units of the same type you connect in this puzzle game, the bigger the combo and the bigger the damage. While you have one main hero to level up and upgrade, you are nothing without the help of allied champions. Just take the Warrior Monk, for instance: This little panda doesn’t look very threatening at first glance, but will turn into a whirlwind of damage when its power move is activated. The Archer on the other hand will attack from a safe distance and deal area-of-effect damage, whereas the Faerie yields magical powers to snare enemy targets and decrease their movement speed. Our favorite is the Unicorn however, as the enchanted horse has the ability to shoot a light beam from its horn.

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