Puzzle & Dragons
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Puzzle & Dragons
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Puzzle & Dragons Description

Collect powerful dragons and charge into battle! Connecting three or more magical orbs will send out an attack, so make sure to find as many matches as possible when taking on other dragon masters in this free-to-play app for mobile devices.


Playing through puzzle games can be a bit frustrating at times, especially when you only have a limited amount of moves to complete all objectives. Puzzle & Dragons breaks the typical Match-3 mold a little bit by giving the casual genre a new spin. While players still need to connect three or more orbs of the same type to advance in this mobile app, moving an object is no longer restricted to adjacent tiles. Go wild on matching magical orbs as they will blast foes to bits and pieces! Puzzle & Dragons combines two genres that have risen to immense success over the last decade: Roleplaying games and Match-3 puzzle apps for Facebook or mobile devices.

More than 700 unique dragons can be caught in the free-to-play title. That is not all, however, as these fiery companions can be evolved and fused to breed new specimen. Assemble your team of ruthless dragons and take on evil beasts as you venture through the fantasy world of Puzzle & Dragons. Thanks to a slew of social features, Gung Ho Online Entertainment encourages you to group up with other players and explore dungeons as a team. Playing together is often not only more fun, but will also grant you and your friends an advantage against tough boss monsters.

From Dominion Raphael to Chaos Devil Dragon: Pick and choose which wyverns you want to send into battle. Just make sure to have all bases covered, as tricky puzzle challenges require players to always have a trick up their sleeves. The more levels you complete, the bigger the reward. Loot in Puzzle & Dragons can include experience, new and rare dragons as well as helpful power-ups which can be used during combat. It is important to keep in mind that each and every unit in this mobile RPG belongs to a certain element and will bring distinct abilities to the battlefield. Make use of their strengths to fearlessly face other masters in this free-to-play dragon game!

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