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Purefootball Description

Players have the chance in this manager simulation game to take charge of their own soccer team, recruiting a team and competing in matches against other players from all over the world...


In the free-to-play browser game Purefootball not only do you need to construct and manage your own soccer team, but also take control of your club's finances, organize sponsorship, as well as manage and expand your club's stadium.

To play the simulation game Purefootball you simply sign up for an account and can then simply login from any PC using a web browser. You are automatically assigned your own team, whom you must train, coach and manage, leading them to success and with victory, to the championships. You are able to purchase new players at the market, analyzing what skills need to be strengthened within your team, and then punting for the relevant player.

Players can also be transferred within teams, allowing you to trade with your opposition in the manager game Purefootball. Form a shortlist of players you wish to recruit, and keep an eye on their availability on the market.

For each soccer match your team plays in, as manager you must decide on a set formation, playing style, level of aggression, who will act as a sub and who will be your goalkeeper, captain, defenders, midfielders and attackers.

For every training session you schedule for your players in the browser game Purefootball you must decide which skill areas your players need to develop; these include tackling, passing, shooting, tactical training, jumping, as well as gym training and sprints to increase overall strength. Strive to climb the Purefootball ladder and become one of the most successful and talented soccer clubs in the history of the game.

by Kyle Hayth

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