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Project Spark
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Project Spark Description

Create the gaming world that you’ve always dreamed of! You can either share the finished world with other players or team up with your friends to create one from scratch. The only limitations of this downloadable game? Your imagination…


Project Spark is more than just your regular fantasy game. It’s also more than games like Minecraft - Pocket Edition or Landmark which are sandbox games that allow you to craft items, change your environment, and build to your liking. Microsoft Studios’ online game goes one step further. Here, you are not only the player, but also the developer! In a very extensive editor, you can create an entire gaming world to your personal liking. Your imagination is pretty much the only limitation that you will face. If you can think of it, you can create it. Are you a fan of fantasy worlds like in The Lord of the Rings Online? Then go ahead and create a world in which fantasy reigns. Or do you prefer science-fiction environments like the one presented in Warframe? It is entirely up to you what your world will look like. Most anything can be changed according to your liking, ranging from the way stones and meadows look to the way your villages are arranged.

Obviously, there is more to creating a game than simply designing its landscape. In Project Spark, you can decide the gameplay itself. You prefer turn-based combat in roleplaying games? Or how about side-scrolling platformers? It doesn’t matter which one tickles your fancy, as you can simply create the gameplay that you like the best. In Microsoft’s free-to-play sandbox game, you choose the game’s perspective, the genre, and several other gameplay elements that are important. In case you were wondering, the AI of your world’s NPCs is also part of creating your world. You are only a few clicks away from assigning actions, personality traits, and habits to your monsters.

As soon as you’re happy with your creation, you can start to delve into it as a player. In Project Spark, you can also share your creation with other players or check out what others have been up to. This can be an additional source of inspiration for your own creation. The free-to-play sandbox game is available for Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. The best part about the online game is that it is cross-platform compatible.

Project Spark Screenshots

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