Project Eco Planet
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Project Eco Planet
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Project Eco Planet Description

Save doomed galaxies by picking up paper, glass and aluminum! In this free-top-play strategy game, gathering waste will not only help endangered species, but also give you enough material to build new, green and eco-friendly power plants.


Dr. Min has discovered life on intergalactic planets. Alien creatures have formed a civilization even more advanced than ours: Futuristic technologies determine everday life, machines have taken over the economy. What sounds like a fun scenario is bitter reality, because industrialization brings pollution - lots and lots of it. Nature as we know it does not exist on these planets, and it is your duty to restore what once brought life to the forsaken lands. Project Eco Planet is a browsergame that focuses on strategic planning and diplomatic alliances.

As Green As Can Be

It’s all about turning used materials into new products, a technique also known as recycling. Saving those planets requires the construction of robots that run on sustainable fuel and artificial intelligence - a task that happens to be your expertise. Your spaceship is the heart of the expedition and functions as the base that holds all buildings, facilities and farms. In order to clean the planet and store toxic waste, you will have to produce energy and upgrade your laboratories. Researching new technology will unlock additional features that help purifying the environment. Once you have cleaned up a hazardous power plant, you can build an eco-friendly station in its place.

Invite Other Players to Join

In Project Eco Planet you can expect daily login rewards. Not sure what that means? Well, playing the green browsergame on a regular basis gives you certain bonuses. Keep in mind that you have to log in on consecutive days, otherwise you won’t get the ultimate compensation. Rewards include sunshine points, gold coupons and resource packs. Building a radar tower will help you detect space monsters before they reach your base, giving you enough time to ask other players for their assistance.

Project Eco Planet Screenshots

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