Prius Online: Free-to-Play MMORPG Going Offline This Month

03/13/2012 08:28 am in News

Online game publishers Gala-Net have announced that not just one, but two of their free-to-play MMORPGs will be going offline at the end of the month. There are going to be various packages available as compensation for the players of Prius Online and Luna Online.
Prius Online

Prius Online

Since being open to everyone in June of 2011, a number of players have experienced the online fantasy world of Prius Online. However, it would seem that the operation of the free-to-play title is no longer viable as publishers Gala-Net have decided to take the game offline starting on March27th.

In addition to taking Prius Online down, they have also made an announcement that another free-to-play title, Luna Online, will also be taken down. The title was live for roughly two years, but like Prius Online, the service will be terminated on March 27th.

For players of one or both of those titles who have logged in three or more times in the last month, there are various compensation packages available. These packages will give you the chance to experience some other Gala-Net titles such as Aika Online and Flyff.

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