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Prius Online
What to expect:
  • Explore an enchanting fantasy land in this free MMORPG
  • Uncover mythical mysteries
  • Fight against hordes of enemies and other players
  • Team up with friends to take on massive enemies
  • Make it through this game as the Adventor with the help of your Anima and Gigas
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  • Topic
  • Fantasy
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Prius Online: Delve into a Free Fantasy MMORPG

Explore an enchanting fantasy land, uncovering countless mysteries, taking on enemy hordes and making new friends in Prius Online...


Prius Online is an intricately imaginative client game set in a vast and colorful fantasy land. Players must explore this new territory with a brave and adventurous spirit, unlocking the many secrets and treasures of Prius Online. With spectacular high-quality graphics and in-game movie clips, you are transformed right into the heart of the intense action and the rich storyline.

The client-based MMORPG is based on a three character system, which consists of the Adventor (the player), the Anima (the companion) and the Gigas (the mercenaries). The dynamic and fierce Giga mercenaries are summoned only when required in the heat of battle. Anima plays a more emotional role in Prius Online, growing as players progress through the game.

Prius Online features many different classes for you to choose from, giving you diverse experiences each time you play. You could be the deadly accurate Gunslinger that uses pinpoint accuracy to take out opponents from afar or the Legionnaire and dominate your opponents with relentless attacks.

Every class in Prius Online also features many different skills for you to master. As you progress with your character, you will unlock new abilities which you can use to unleash your fury upon your opponents. Whether in intense PvP or PvE fights, only the mastery of these skills can make you the victor.

Having suffered amnesia, Anima comes to you confused and vulnerable. As you help her on her path to recovery, you will be rewarded with companionship, assistance in combat and more. Not only do characters evolve in the free-to-play online game Prius Online, but so do the character relationships. Be prepared to enter a web of fantasy storylines, thrilling fast-paced anime-style combat and immense graphics in the MMORPG Prius Online.

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