Princess Salon 2
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Princess Salon 2
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Princess Salon 2 Description

All princesses deserve to be pampered and in this free mobile game, you are the one that caters to their every wish. Let your creative juices flow as you style their hair, choose stunning gowns and apply makeup in hopes of finding your one true love...


All princess games, not unlike Disney movies, deserve a sequel. Thankfully, Libii Tech (Makeup Me) knows not to disappoint and has brought forward Princess Salon 2, a free mobile app that gives boys and girls of all ages the opportunity to turn into a hairdresser, makeup artist and fashion expert rolled up into one. Four unique princesses - Leslie, Loretta, Gracie and Veronica - will guide you through the simulation game available for iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets and ask you for your professional opinion on services that any good salon would offer. This of course includes spa treatments, expensive jewelry, and dresses to die for. Not literally, as ghoulish brides would only be found in Monster Makeup!

In Princess Salon 2, you hold all the cards. Where you go after completing the initial tutorial is entirely up to you, as eight unique rooms offer you more than enough ways to glam up your very own princess. Make sure every character is treated like a lady by catering to their every need and treating them to snazzy outfits and shiny accessories. Once your styling is done, Libii Tech Inc. invites you to bring your regal beauty to the show room and take pictures which can then be shared with friends and other players online. Daily challenges come in the form of fun little mini games that will keep things fresh in this free-to-play mobile game and make it possible to unlock new garments and rooms. Feel like heading to the fashion mall? Just swing by your favorite store and make a purchase to add new articles of clothing to your already massive wardrobe! And don’t forget to also get matching shoes while you're there...

While Princess Salon 2 clearly puts a focus on royal ladies, their male counterparts will also make an appearance later on in the game. Choose a prince, customize his appearance and pair him up with one of the princesses. A match made in mobile heaven!

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