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Prime World
What to expect:
  • New Action Game from the Creators of Heroes of Might & Magic V
  • Choose from Dozens of Characters
  • Fight against Your Friends in a Battle for Victory, Glory, and Prime
  • RPG Hero Development, PvP, and Story-Driven Battles
  • Hire, Equip, and Train Your Heroes
  • Download Games
  • PC Games
  • Steam
  • Nival
  • Online Games
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Pick up your weapon and challenge other heroes to a duel. Construct a defense and build up spell power to defeat enemies in Prime World.


From the creators of the fifth installment of Heroes of Might and Magic comes Prime World, an action-packed roleplaying game that not only lets you build castles, but also allows for player-versus-player combat. Your goal is to pick a hero, enter the battlefield and storm enemy defenses, alone or with the help of your friends. This online game is about character customization and hero development. Once you have chosen a character, you can collect experience points to upgrade talents and defeat monsters that stand in your way. Prime World is a client-based game and requires a download before you can delve into the magical world of wonders.

Currently, you can prove your talent in six game modes - each more unique than the last. While most maps are based on multiplayer battles, some missions can be played through by a single hero. It all depends on your preferred playstyle. Would you rather work with other players or fight on your own? If you decide to enter the battle arena, watch out for ruthless adventurers, as most people will do anything to destroy your legacy. As in most group challenges, teamwork is key. The most common duels will feature six or eight people, divided into two teams. Once the fight is over, you can switch out your equipment and adapt to the next task at hand. This MOBA title is free-to-play, which means that you don’t have to pay a single penny to partake in the virtual slaughter.

Books, e-sports, cosplay: Prime World was developed in Russia, where the roleplaying game is part of an established franchise. If you feel like starting your own little club, you should invite other players to join you. Being part of a clan gives you the advantage of communicating with your friends in your very own channel. This way, you can organize matches without enemy forces knowing of your plans.

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