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Serious Upcoming Games Previews at Browsergamez

When you can’t wait for a new release to drop, we have just the place to get all your upcoming game itches scratched. We throw you straight into the deep end with rumors, trailers and game previews that will keep you sated until you can play that title yourself. What’s more, we get fresh shipments of upcoming free to play games delivered straight to our office.

Like kids at Christmas, we can hardly wait to rip open the packages and start playing. Sometimes our gaming escapades last for hours; but our editorial team is always on hand to make sure we don’t forget to take notes while we preview games. You can read our findings in our magazine any time you like. We keep our site current with new features to entertain and inform you with each visit.

Everyone’s Talking About this Upcoming Game

And so are we. We keep our ears to the ground so we hear video game previews coming from miles away. That means you’ll get a taste of upcoming games on our site way ahead of the competition. We’re already one of the biggest storehouses for online and mobile games – and we’re constantly adding to our collection. Some people might accuse us of being slightly crazy for amassing so many different games in so many genres, but then we never claimed to be sane. Giving you the widest possible range of titles is all we care about. So, when you’re looking for something really different, you can’t do better than Browsergamez.

That means, of course, that we’re the web’s premier source for games & preview material. We don’t stop at one genre either, meaning that you’re as likely to find tycoon games as hack ‘n’ slash games in our extensive previews of games. We hack our way through games for you with machete, samurai sword or any old butter knife that we can grab – all so you know what to play when a game finally hits the shelves. Moreover, we post tons of promotional material like screen shots and in-game play videos so you get the clearest picture of what to expect. Plus, we keep you up-to-date on updates or new characters, not just in upcoming online games, but for familiar titles, too.

Can’t Miss Edge-of-Your-Seat Game Previews

When you want to know about the latest installment in your favorite series or franchise, drop by Browsergamez and get it piping hot. We’ll not only let you know about upcoming games, we’ll give you details on what formats you can play your game on and what will make it different from previous releases. We’re especially interested in improved gameplay and revved up graphics that give our PC’s hardware a run for its money.

There is also a free game preview for smartphone addicts in our magazine. Whether you’re an iOS devotee or a sworn Android user, our games will make everyone happy. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be bloodshed. Have we told you about our World War games yet? Well, our gamers have been fighting online like its World War Three for a while now. We think it’s time for you to get in on the action. Lock, load and:

  • Preview games before your foes
  • Get introduced to new characters
  • Try out new moves and fighting styles
  • Make your browser work overtime

It’s all possible when you step into the capacious world of Browsergamez! We know there’s an upcoming game with your name on it. Isn’t it time you collected it?

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