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Pool Mania
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Pool Mania Description

Do you have a steady hand? Do you feel like playing a round of pool billiards? In this mobile game, you can grab a digital cue stick and precisely pocket the balls into one of the six holes!


If you feel like playing some billiards but don’t want to wait for the next time that your friends invite you to go, we might just have the right alternative for you! If you’ve always felt like playing a round of pool billiards on the go, you should check out Pool Mania. Three very diverse game modes will allow you to practice your game and become a better player. In Arcade, Challenge, and Practice mode you will grab your cue stick, focus your vision, and precisely strike the balls to pocket them all! For each move, you will determine where your cue will hit the ball, its exact angle, and the force with which you will strike. Thanks to innovative touchscreen controls, all of this is easily and intuitively done. Naturally, the art of pool billiards is to hit the ball as precisely as possible. Don’t worry though, since some practice will give you a good feel for the cue, the balls, and the table. Sooner or later, even complex combinations of hits will be no problem for you!

The Arcade game mode in Pool Mania features more than 120 exciting levels which will constantly challenge you to new tasks. These levels feature more than just a regular game of billiards. Here, you face various specific in-game situations that you need to accomplish in a limited amount of strikes. Your goal is to always get the highest possible score and collect a three-star rating. You receive bonus points for scoring your balls in designated pockets. With each level, the challenges will get more difficult, but also more rewarding.

In the Challenge game mode, you will face yet another difficulty! You will complete certain tasks within a limited amount of time. The more practiced you are, the more easily you will excel in this game mode! If you’re simply in the mood for a regular round of pool billiards, you can certainly do that as well in Pool Mania.

The app is available for free for all Android devices in the Google Play Store. Click the green button below!

Pool Mania Screenshots

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