Pool Billiards Pro
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Pool Billiards Pro
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Pool Billiards Pro Description

Do you want to become a professional pool billiards player? Or how about a casual game of arcade style billiards? This app offers all of that and more!


The wide world of the interwebs has more knowledge than you can possibly imagine. Anything is possible on the internet. You want to learn how to cook gourmet food? No problem! Do you need to learn how to program? Easily researched! Thanks to modern technology, a similar trend has taken place on smartphones and tablets. On your nifty little devices, you can pretty much digitally perform most activities that you like to do in real life. If you’re an avid fan of playing pool billiards, you might want to continue reading, since you can become a pro player in this app!

Pool Billiards Pro is the perfect sports game for anyone who just can’t get enough of pool billiards. In real life, playing a match involves meeting up with friends and going to a pool hall. Thanks to the app, you take the game wherever you go and play a round whenever you feel like it. The pool game allows you to challenge players from all around the world and compete against them in heated matches. If you don’t happen to have a working internet connection at the moment, you can also simply play against the computer AI. Naturally, this game mode features rules that you have to oblige to. You can choose between the 8 ball rules and the 9 ball rules.

If you don’t quite feel like competing and would rather improve your skills, you can also check out the single-player option. Here, there are no specific rules aside from pocketing the assigned set of balls. The more balls you pocket, the higher your score will be. You can strike balls by using your sensitive touch screen controls. Simply touch your screen and drag down the power-up in the right to strike.

The app also features an extensive arcade mode to thoroughly delight each and every pool billiards fan. In more than 180 challenging levels, players can put their skills to the test. While there are no specific rules or a time limit for this game mode, it only features a limited number of cues.

Pool Billiards Pro is available for free in the Google Play Store for all Android devices.

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