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Ponyrama Description

Go on an adventure to a crazy and colorful pony farm, where you train and take care of your very own cute ponies. Feed them and take them to jumping practice races in this fun browser game...


Ponyrama is a browser-based pony simulation game in which you expand and manage your very own pony farm. In the online game you purchase, train and care for a whole herd of baby horses, from Shetland to Arabian to Friesian ponies. To keep your animals happy you must maintain a regular cleaning and feeding routine.

It is important in browser game Ponyrama to keep your stables clean and provide amenities for your pony farm visitors, such as carousels and food stalls. Using the money you get from your visitors, you are able to purchase a host of additional items from the Pony Shop. These include additional ponies, assistants to help you in the stables and food for your animals. You can also purchase decorations as well as new buildings for your farm in the simulation game Ponyrama.

It will help to feed your prized ponies with the best food available, and ensure they are regularly trained by walking and practicing jumping with them. You can also enter your herd of ponies into exciting regular Ponyrama competitions – watch as the training pays off and horse racing records are broken. The races and competitions attract more visitors to your farm, and therefore more money for you to invest in feeding and caring for your ponies. Expand your pony farm into the greatest and most successful in all of Ponyrama.

The game is published by German online games publisher Bigpoint, and follows the footsteps of popular farming simulation game Farmerama and zoo management game ZooMumba.

by Kyle Hayth

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