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Poney Vallee
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Poney Vallee Description

Enter this fantastic virtual horse world and breed your own beautiful horses! Choose coat color and shape – there is virtually no limit to your creativity...


In Poney Vallée anything truly is possible. If you are a real horse enthusiast, this is the right place for you. This browser game is not so much about species-appropriate husbandry and great success in international show jumping competitions, but is rather about designing your colorful world of horses.

In addition, you take on the role of the breeder. You cross the genes of two adult animals to create a young one with new genes. The web game developer FEERIK always provides fresh DNA. For example, zodiac signs are currently quite popular.

When you login the first time you're taken directly to the lab. There you select the biological parents of your future pony. Once you have made your choice, a breeze of magic is added and you get your first pony with the characteristics of both the mother and the father.

Poney Vallée is not about realistic horses. The goal of the developers is rather to provide a varied and flexible coloring book. Colors and patterns will continue changing frequently so that you will never get bored as a colorist. Horse figures only serve as inspiration, no matter what color and shape.

by Kyle Hayth

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