Pokémon Shuffle Mobile
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Pokémon Shuffle Mobile
What to expect:
  • Play for Free on your Mobile Device
  • Solve the Puzzles to Advance through the Levels
  • Choose your own Pokemon and Train it.
  • Collect Cool Powerups and Boosts
  • Challenge your Friends with Massive High Scores
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Play with your Favorite Pokemon in this Match-3 Game!

Combine three or more Pokémon of the same type in Pokémon Shuffle Mobile. Activate combos for more points!


What happens when you combine Pokémon with Candy Crush Saga? Incorporating fighting features into match-3 games has become quite popular, but Pokémon Shuffle Mobile takes this concept even one step further. More than just fighting, you will also collect and evolve your pocket monsters. This results in a perfect match (no pun intended) of the franchise and the puzzle game genre. Meet Pikachu, Squirtle, and Eevee in this mobile spinoff of the iconic series.

Match-3 Meets Pokémon

The gameplay is pretty straightforward. The lower part of the screen features the match-3 game. Various Pokémon heads are randomly placed in a grid. Your goal is to match at least three heads of the same type vertically or horizontally to activate an attack. Why do you need the attack in the first place? On the upper part of the screen, you find a Pokémon. This is the monster that you fight against. By matching Pokémon heads, you deal damage to your opponent above. The more you combine, the stronger your attack will be. Big combos deal even more damage. Don’t expect your enemies to just stand there however, as many of them also feature quite impressive special attacks. Their goal is to stop you from attacking them. Their attacks will freeze your Pokémon or exchange them for others, for instance.

Gotta Catch ‘em All

It wouldn’t feel quite like a typical Pokémon game if you weren’t able to collect and evolve the colorful monsters. As soon as you defeat a wild Pokémon, you can usually throw a Pokéball to catch it and add it to your available fighters. Depending on how good you played during the puzzle game, your chances are better or worse.

Free-to-Play with In-App Purchases

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile is available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. While it is initially free to download and play, the app does feature in-app purchases that you should be mindful of.

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