Pokémon GO: Buddy System Is Coming Out

09/12/2016 06:19 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsMobile GamesNintendo

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO

The development studio Niantic has been rolling out a new game update for the augmented reality game Pokémon GO since last Friday. Some players might already be able to download the latest version of the app in the Google Play Store or on iTunes. There’s no reason to panic if the update isn’t available for you yet, as the studio is only releasing it to the entire community in smaller steps. Those lucky players who can already download the patch in their respective app store can start enjoying the new Buddy System that was teased last week. It allows players to choose a Pokémon as their friend which will join them on their journey. After having joined them for a certain amount of time, they will receive nifty boosts and bonuses.

Niantic has also improved selecting smaller Pokémon on the screen making it easier to choose and catch them. A few other improvements are more of cosmetic type. There will always be a small animation when a Pokémon hatches from an egg for example. For some reason, the little sequence was sometimes skipped for certain players. The app should also not freeze anymore when the players change their network. Starting with the new version, the game will also support the new Pokémon GO Plus gadget.

Last but not least, the developers are constantly working on eliminating bots and scrapers from the app. Pokémon GO will no longer support rooted or jailbroken devices.

Source: Official game homepage

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