Pokémon GO: New Buddy System Announced

09/05/2016 07:00 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsMobile GamesNintendo

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO

There had been quite a few rumors in the last few days about a new buddy system coming to the augmented reality game Pokémon GO, and it seems like the rumors turned out to be true. The developers over at Niantic have officially announced the new feature on the mobile game’s homepage. A few smart programmers had discovered some hints at the new feature by looking at the source code of the current version of the game.

The new system allows players to choose a Pokémon from their collection to become their buddy. The companion will follow them on their adventures through the world. This reminds us of the anime where Ash is accompanied by his iconic Pikachu on his journey through Kanto and all the other continents. In Pokémon GO, the new feature isn’t only a cosmetic choice, but it also brings some advantages to the mobile game. The companion, which can be switched anytime, will unlock some rewards for players such as Candy for walking together. Players will see their buddy next to their trainer avatar on the profile screen. Niantic also hinted at some special experiences and other rewards that they didn’t comment on any further.

According to the studio, the "buddy feature" will be released very soon. It could already come out with the next patch. The developers hinted at more new features coming this fall.

Source: Official game homepage

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