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Pokémon GO
What to expect:
  • Play on your Smartphone for Free!
  • Catch all of your Favorite Pokémon
  • Use your GPS and have an Adventure
  • From the Developers of Ingress
  • Use the Pokémon GO Plus instead of your Phone
  • Mobile Games
  • Nintendo
  • Topic
  • Fantasy
  • Monsters
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Catch all of your Favorite Pokemon on your Smartphone!

It’s not just with Nintendo’s handheld devices that you can play with your favorite Pokémon. With Pokémon GO you can catch them on your smartphone!


Grab your mobile device and go on the hunt for wild Pokémon in this free-to-play augmented reality game. Pokémon GO blurs the boundaries between real life and the Pokémon world. You have to follow the directions and search for wild Pokémon, which are based on GPS locations on your phone. All you need to play is an android or iOS device, and you can start your collection and try to catch ‘em all!

Play On-the-GO!

Pokémon GO turns your phone into a whole pokedex where you can catch, train, and battle your way around your local area. You can turn your road, city or even the whole world into your own poke-playground for you to battle with your friends or search for wild Pokémon. Use the GPS function in your smartphone to find out where wild Pokémon have been sighted, and then go out to the location to find them. You might find yourself surrounded by common Pokémon like zubat or caterpie, but occasionally a rare or even legendary Pokémon will show itself out in the open.

Pokémon GO Plus

Serious players can use a small keyring-sized device call a Pokémon GO Plus. It can slip into your pocket and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and will let you know with vibrations and lights if there is a Pokémon nearby. All you have to do to catch it is push the button on the device, and then it is added to your collection!

Completely Free-to-Play

Anyone can enjoy having Pokémon GO on their mobile device, as it is completely free to download. You can start collecting your very own Pokémon roster without paying a penny. For those that need a helping hand, or would like to support the game for some rewards can choose to pay for some of the in-app purchases, but they are completely optional.

If this sounds like the game for you, then click the link below and check out the homepage of the free-to-play mobile game!

Pokémon GO Screenshots

Pokémon GO Screenshot-0Pokémon GO Screenshot-1Pokémon GO Screenshot-2Pokémon GO Screenshot-3Pokémon GO Screenshot-4Pokémon GO Screenshot-5Pokémon GO Screenshot-6Pokémon GO Screenshot-7Pokémon GO Screenshot-8Pokémon GO Screenshot-9Pokémon GO Screenshot-10Pokémon GO Screenshot-11Pokémon GO Screenshot-12Pokémon GO Screenshot-13Pokémon GO Screenshot-14Pokémon GO Screenshot-15Pokémon GO Screenshot-16Pokémon GO Screenshot-17Pokémon GO Screenshot-18Pokémon GO Screenshot-19

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