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Poisonville Description

Roam the fog-filled streets of this dark city as a member of one of four terrifying gangs in your stylish street car, equipped with firearms and ammunition in the ongoing quest to rule the city...


Poisonville is a smokey, dark and sinister city ruled by four rival gangs – namely Los Muertos, Kingston Cartel, Bratva and Hellspawn - in a constant state of dispute but sharing the common vision of ruling the streets of Poisonville – after all, there can only be one real boss. Having recently escaped from jail, with the determination to find out who framed you, you head to Poisonville to join one of the opposing gangs, decked in the latest streetwear, a new slick vehicle to roam the streets with, and a mecca of weapons and ammunition to get even with.

You must complete often dangerous missions to grow your gang's business, and often with a partner or several gang members. As a member of a street gang, it is critical you maintain good ties with the other gang members and follow the street rules – in doing so you aptly receive karma points for fair play. At the same time you must strive to climb the ranks from amateur gang member to gang leader. Cruise the streets in your car, hang out with sassy dancers in the best clubs in your newest streetwear and claim your territory.

With realistic weather and day/night cycles, 3D animation and overview maps, the free web game Poisonville takes you into a realistic underground world full of mobsters, gang rivalry and dark alleys. With over 600 quests in 7 zones, you are never short of thrills, action and danger. Join discussions with other players in the chatroom and get involved with clan systems. Not only will you have fast cars, slick weapons and the latest in street fashion, but have the opportunity to be part of an infamous gang and join the fight to win the ongoing territory battle in Poisonville.

by Kyle Hayth

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