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Pockie Saints
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Pockie Saints Description

Pockie Saints is an anime-filled online game based upon the constellations of the Zodiac. The title features exciting combat from three classes, instances, a pet training system and numerous daily perks.


Pockie Saints is a browser-based fantasy game based around the twelve constellations of the Zodiac system. Set in the aftermath of a brutal war between Isus the God of Order and Kreel the God of Chaos, the new world exists due to the ultimate sacrifice from Isus to stabilize the world. Isus sealed himself in with Kreel and separated the realm from their dangerous powers in the World Origin. Free from the dangers, the World Origin was cast into the mud and water of the universe enabling the world to flourish with life.

The browser-based fantasy title features a wide variety of systems tied to the Zodiac system created by Isis. With the twelve gods of the Zodiac set to guard the Sword of Kreel, players live in an anime world as powerful mages, cunning assassins or adapt warriors. The free-to-play Pockie Saints envelops players in the ancient astrological system, tying each character to a god that grants special bonuses every hour and offering them unique rewards and attribute bonuses.

Combat in Pockie Saints depends entirely on which classes are currently participating in an instance or a PvP match. Players capable of standing toe-to-toe with enemies are destined to be Warriors of the World Origin. These fighters focus on absorbing and attracting damage enabling comrades to dish it out. Assassins move in and out of the front line with swift accuracy, dispatching foes before they even realize that the Assassin has moved in. Mages can act as support by wielding the elements of the world to heal foes, but they also excel at dealing massive damage spread across groups of enemies foolish enough to do battle.

Pockie Saints will keep you occupied for hours with its colorful anime art style, collection of special instances, engaging combat, the intertwined Zodiac system, a deep pet system, frequent player benefits, various collection systems awarding attribute bonuses and endless PvP combat based upon three distinct factions that constantly vie for the blessing of the Zodiac lords. Other Pockie games include Pockie Pirates and Pockie Ninja.

Pockie Saints Screenshots

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