Pockie Ninja: Pocket-Sized Ninja Action Now Available for Everyone

03/28/2011 04:37 am in News

The anime-styled browser game, Pockie Ninja, is now available to everyone, as the Open Beta testing phase for the free-to-play game began on Friday of last week. Online games publisher NGames has also stated that there are plenty of events to kick off the Open Beta launch.
Pockie Ninja

Pockie Ninja

The Closed Beta for Pockie Ninja began on March 11th and ran for just one week. Apparently, this was enough time to figure out what changes needed to be made in order to fine-tune the anime inspired online game. NGames launched the Open Beta testing phase on Friday and now everyone can get in on the action.

To help kick off the Open Beta launch of the popular online game Pockie Ninja, there are numerous events that will be happening. Various prizes will be awarded to players who reach certain goals, such as reaching a certain level or defeating the 100 waves of difficult enemies in the Las Noches Extreme Challenge.

Pockie Ninja features a unique, open-minded class system that lets you change your character’s class at any time with simply a change of clothes! Based on the popular anime series, Bleach and Naruto, you will be able to enter a world full of magic and action as you take on some of the most famous monsters from your favorite anime shows. Become the ultimate ninja in this pocket-sized online game!

Find more information on Chapter II here!

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