Pockie Ninja II Original: Chapter 2 - Great Shinobi War Released

09/17/2012 08:13 am by Jonathan Smith in NewsBrowser GamesMMORPG

Pockie Ninja II Original

Pockie Ninja II Original

The first expansive update for Pockie Ninja II Original, Chapter II: Great Shinobi War, implements two major gameplay changes that affect both the game’s world and individual character’s stats and abilities.

Players can now fight one another across faction lines to earn experience, gems, coins, crafting materials and crystals, but there is more at stake than just trade goods and experience. Whether you side with the Akatsuki or the Ninja Alliance, it is up to you to further the cause of your allegiance and become the dominant faction in Pockie Ninja II Original.
To help advance your cause, Chapter II: Great Shinobi War also introduces arcane skills which individual players can possess and level, giving players new abilities and increases to core stats in order to become stronger than their opponents. Clever planning and efficient leveling of the new Aptitude system will allow players to become more powerful than ever before while offering other distinct advantages in PvP situations.

NGames released Chapter 2: Great Shinobi War at the end of last week, meaning players around the world can now experience all of the new content!

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