Pockie Ninja II Original: New Version of Popular Browser Game Coming

06/21/2012 05:42 am in News

Publishers NGames have announced that fans of the already popular browser game, Pockie Ninja, can look forward to the coming of a sequel, Pockie Ninja II Original. The new game has tons of new features, updates and more content for players to enjoy.
Pockie Ninja II Original

Pockie Ninja II Original

Accoriding to NGames, Pockie Ninja II Original will build on what Pockie Ninja already started and offer up improvements to all of the elements of the original game. That means lusher anime elements, improved graphics and better in-game systems.

One of the more interesting features coming along with Pockie Ninja II Original is the new clan inheritance of bloodline limit. This gives players the chance to be part of a clan in the browser game, much like in the famous anime series Naruto with the Senju, Uchiha and Sarutobi clans.

Along with announcing the new title, publishers NGames have also stated that the Open Beta is due to begin sometime in July. Until then, we will make sure to keep our eyes peeled and ears open for any new information that is released!

Source: Press release
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