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Pockie Kingdom
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Pockie Kingdom Description

Rule an entire kingdom and lead your army to war as you battle it out against evil gods in this browser-based 2D strategy game. Take on your friends and other rivaling players to prove that you are worthy of a place upon the throne.


Set in the European middle ages, Pockie Kingdom is free-to-play and invites you to engage in a strategy game of power, domination and control. Become the ruler of an exciting medieval kingdom and play as one of 8 different classes, each with their own unique features and abilities. Build a powerful army and protect your lands from the evil gods that want to steal your power and witness your demise.

This free-to-play browser game has a fully intuitive gameplay that will test your mind's agility and your abilities as a strategist. Build imposing forces and recruit heroes and soldiers to protect your land and its inhabitants, keeping the danger of the evil gods away for good. Develop an impregnable army consisting of mages, giant macemen and powerful swordsmen. Recruit fast cavaliers and deadly assassins, whilst using the unique abilities of each member to develop your technique in battle. It is up to you to command your soldiers effectively in order to defeat certain opponents. The winner of the battle is the person who pushes past the opposing army and defeats the main hero.

This online game allows you to explore, trade, and battle with rivaling kingdoms. Talk to other Pockie Kingdom players online or join a guild to take on tasks that would otherwise be impossible when going solo. Receive awards for your participation in quests such as upgrades to your hero’s skills and equipment.

The base in which you must rule your kingdom is that of a large mysterious castle. Each room has a unique function that will help you navigate through the game, unlocking new rooms as you progress. Explore the Soldier's Hall where you can recruit new units for battle, or talk to the blacksmith to craft new weapons for your heroes. It is entirely up to you as the king (or queen!) of the castle to make the next move and lead your kingdom to victory!

Pockie Kingdom Screenshots

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