Pocket Starships
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Pocket Starships
What to expect:
  • PvP Real-Time-Battles in Space
  • Varied Crafting and Upgrade-System
  • Build Strong Alliances with Other Players
  • Real Cross-Platform-Gameplay
  • Available for Android, iOS, and in Your Browser
  • Browser Games
  • Topic
  • Science-Fiction
  • Space
  • Action
Age group

Experience Thrilling Space-Battles in Pocket Starships

Choose a spaceship and become a commander in exciting space battles. In the browser game Pocket Starships, you become the leader of an entire fleet!


Assemble your very own fleet of spaceships in the action-game Pocket Starships. Over the course of the browser game, you constantly improve your fleet to make it even faster and stronger. You can build brand new items in the crafting mode by assembling various components. Once you’re happy with the result, you can attach it to your spaceships. You will need to collect resources first, however, before you can craft anything. Travel to foreign areas of the galaxy to search for resources. Beware though since pirates control many parts of outer space. Resources can be found on asteroids that are floating around.

Forge Alliances and Dominate Outer Space

As soon as your fleet is ready, you delve into online-battles with your friends. You will forge huge alliances in Pocket Starships defeat any pirates in the galaxy. The browser game also allows you to face other players from all around the world. Prove that you have what it takes to be a successful commander of an intergalactic fleet. The Faction Alert game mode challenges both teams of players to conquer and defend certain points in a map before a timer runs out. After every successful battle, you will receive valuable rewards.

Pocket Starships Features Many Different Challenges

The free-to-play strategy game focuses on team work and the communication with your friends. The alliance chat allows you to communicate with your team members whenever you need to. A good strategy is important to win any battle. Aside from battling it out against other players, you can also complete quests and missions assigned by NPCs. This allows you to explore new parts of the galaxy and collect valuable loot.

Pocket Starships is available for Android, iOS, and the browser of your choice. Because of the cross-platform gameplay, you can play with any of your friends, no matter which platform you choose.

Pocket Starships Screenshots

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