Plunder Pirates
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Plunder Pirates
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Plunder Pirates Description

Arr, matey! In this mobile game, every day is Talk-like-a-Pirate-Day, as you slip into the role of a true swashbuckler and compete for booty and other treasures. Other players are out to get you, so make sure to put up sturdy walls and prepare for battle.


With a massive portfolio of successful mobile games that just keeps on growing, Rovio Entertainment (Angry Birds) has decided to collaborate with Midoki to unleash another free title to the masses. Plunder Pirates has everything you would expect from a multiplayer strategy game: resources to collect, units to recruit, upgrades to unlock and other camps to attack. That’s right - apart from the usual single-player missions, all swashbucklers will be asked to declare war on their neighbors and raid as many islands as possible when they’re logged into Plunder Pirates. Only with enough attacks under your belt will you be able to garner enough reputation to eventually be called the terror of the high seas. Don’t let anyone stand in your way as you climb to the top of the ranking!

The best strategy to both ward off enemy attacks and successfully plunder nearby players in this mobile game is to collect as many coins and bottles of grog as possible. Every pirate needs his or her booze! Your army of fearless warriors will consist of different units, each specialized in one particular type of combat. While the Buccaneer is willing to risk his life at the front of the battle for just a little bit of gold, the Thief has a way of quickly getting in and out of enemy territory to steal anything that’s shiny. Both the Bomber and the Gunner have rather explosive personalities, eager to cause destruction and blow up anything that stands between you and victory. The Witch Doctor wields ancient powers that will not only restore health, but also bring the dead back to life.

Plunder Pirates is a 3D strategy game available for all kinds of mobile devices. The free gaming app was released on iOS smartphones and tablets first, other platforms such as Android and Windows followed after a little while. Watch your little sailor island blossom into a corsair’s paradise as you continue to collect booty and challenge other pirates to multiplayer duels…

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Plunder Pirates News

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