Plants vs. Zombies
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Plants vs. Zombies
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Plants vs. Zombies Description

Beware - zombies are trying to attack your house! There is only one thing you can do: defend your home by growing plants. You heard right - this game puts up the living dead creatures of the night against the living species of daylight.


The title for this mobile game is quite self-explanatory. Plants vs. Zombies is a tower defense game, in which your house is being attacked by zombies. You might be familiar with these brain-eating creatures of the night. They are slow, half-dead, love brains, and are more or less brainless themselves. From zombie games and movies, we all know that the only way for you to defend your house is by… growing plants in your front garden?! Well, at least that is the case in this strategic mobile app for all iOS and Android devices. Here, zombies can be fought against with the help of various plant species.

There are almost 50 different types of plants in Plants vs. Zombies. These specimen will shoot peas and walnuts at the walking dead, they will stop them in their lane, or they will explode. You will only have to make sure that you always collect all the sun icons that fall onto the battlefield. You need a certain amount of suns in order to plant your greens. The more powerful a specimen is, the more sun you will need to plant it. For this reason, it is advisable to never forget to grow sunflowers as they will constantly drop more suns.

Plants vs. Zombies features more than 26 different types of zombies, each with their own special skills. Some will possess poles with which they leap over your plants, others will wear armor, such as hats and buckets, making them harder to defeat.

With this eclectic amount of plants and zombies, it will require constant tactical thinking to save your house from the horde of rotting brain-suckers in this mobile game. On top of that, each battlefield features several lanes, all of which have to be defended in the most logical way. Speaking of which - in Plants vs. Zombies’ Adventure mode, you will play through 50 different levels, some of which are set during the day, others at night, some on your front lawn, others on the rooftop.

If you’re a fan of strategic planning, diverse gameplay, fun graphics and wacky animations, you should give Plants vs. Zombies a try.

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