Plants vs. Zombies 2: Make It through Level 12 in Modern Day

02/24/2016 04:55 am by Marcel Wuttig in Tips & TricksMobile GamesPvE

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Level 12 of the Modern Day world in Plants vs. Zombies 2 continues the line of difficult stages. However, in comparison to some of the other levels of this world, Day 12 is actually manageable once you figure out the right strategy. Your goal is to survive the day without losing more than 10 plants. Naturally, there are all kinds of obstacles to make it as difficult as possible for you. The stage features the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, and Velociraptor, the Chicken Wrangler Zombie, a Gargantuar towards the end, the Parasol Zombie, and the Excavator Zombie, among many others.

Our usual tactic of using the Magnifying Grass to do most of the work for us was fruitless, as the Excavator Zombie can simply deflect the attack. We thought of various combinations of plants before we found a very simple solution that did the trick. We recommend that you focus on Moonflowers and Lightning Reeds in this level. Position a few Moonflowers to always have a good amount of sunlight, and then focus on building a line of Lightning Reeds. We recommend that you position them in the very first row, as that will give you more time to attack any zombies when the dinosaurs push them to the front. The Lightning Reed really makes this level more manageable: It does damage to both the Parasol Zombie (can’t be attacked from above) and the Excavator Zombie (can’t be attacked from the front), and it also quickly destroys the Chicken Wrangler’s chickens. They also attack zombies in various lanes, which comes in handy, as the Stegosaurus will push the walking dead all over the place.

Our setup towards the end of the level!

Try to position as many Lightning Reeds as you can, but keep in mind that you can’t have more than 10 casualties in this level. Position a Magnifying Grass where necessary, but definitely use it to destroy the Gargantuar later. As another small tip, we recommend that you ignore the first Excavator Zombie that appears in the very beginning. Let him be rolled over by a lawnmower, as we found it frustrating and nearly impossible to kill him without letting our guard down in our other lanes.

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