Plants vs. Zombies 2: Complete Level 10 in Modern Day

02/23/2016 05:47 am by Marcel Wuttig in Tips & TricksMobile GamesPvE

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Oh, you thought things were going to get easier in Plants vs. Zombies 2’s latest world? Continue hoping, as things are as difficult as they can get. We barely made it through level 10 of the Modern Day! You will mostly fight against the walking dead of the future world and the Frostbite Caves. We recommend that you bring the Blover to blow away the flying zombies such as the Jetpack Zombie and the Disco Jetpack Zombie. Bring the E.M.Peach to turn off the annoying Shield Zombie and some of the other machined undead. The Magnifying Grass will take care of any particularly strong enemies, such as the Gargantuar Prime, the Troglobite, and the Sloth Gargantuar. It will obviously also help against any other pesky zombie. Also bring the Lightning Reed, as it will help against the Weasel Hoarder, whose Ice Weasels wreak havoc when released. The Lightning Reed will help against most of the imps in the level. Aside from the aforementioned plants, we recommend bringing Puff-Shrooms, Moonflowers, and Nightshade, although the Iceberg Cabbage might make more sense.

In the beginning, we would advise you to focus on planting as many Moonflowers as possible. You will desperately need as much sunlight as you can get. The first two rows should be used for Moonflowers. Simultaneously make sure that each lane has at least one Puff-Shroom. Try to position Puff-Shrooms, whenever they recharge. The third row should be reserved for your Lightning Reeds. Having one in each lane makes sense as they are the most effective against the Ice Weasels. In the fourth row, we positioned our Magnifying Grass.

This was what we were left with in the end!

Make use of the Puff-Shrooms particularly against the Weasel Hoarder, as they can also effectively defeat them. Always use the Blover to get rid of any flying zombies and use the E.M.Peach mostly for the Shield Zombie, but also against any other bigger gathering of machined zombies.

Don’t be disappointed when losing a lawn mower. We lost all of them and were just happy to make it through the level in the first place.

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