Plants vs. Zombies 2: Survive Level 7 of Modern World

01/20/2016 07:43 am by Marcel Wuttig in Tips & TricksMobile GamesPvE

Why did we jinx it? In our last tip, we proclaimed how relatively easy level 6 was, only to realize how difficult the next stage was. Luckily, you should get through the level fine if you manage to make it through the first few seconds of the stage. Yes, seconds! The developers weren’t playing around in this world of Plants vs. Zombies 2. You will face a mix of various zombies including the Deep Sea Gargantuar, Octo Zombie, and Breakdancer Zombie. Later, a portal to the Medieval World is opened, introducing the Jester Zombies to the level as well.

You basically only need four plants to make it through (similar to our previous tips). Equip yourself with Moonflower, Magnifying Grass, Puff-Shroom, and Iceberg Lettuce. Take Nightshade as well, if you like, and bring whatever other plants you feel most comfortable with.

Our setup after freezing all zombies with the help of a green leaf.

The most important part of this level is to get the timing right in the beginning! The first wave of zombies comes faster than you think. We barely had time to position three plants before we were attacked on several lanes. Don’t worry about any of those lanes at first. Simply plant one Moonflower after the next and wait for the first Octo Zombie to appear as part of the first wave. You can position a Puff-Shroom in any of the other lanes if you want, but it won’t make a huge difference. The important part is that you freeze the Octo Zombie with an Iceberg Lettuce. The timing has to be right, as he comes right after an imp. You don’t want to freeze the imp, so wait for it to move on to the next tile first. It took us a few tries, as we were either more likely to freeze the imp (even when it had passed already) or the Iceberg Lettuce would randomly dissolve into nothing sometimes (we are assuming some kind of bug). When you freeze the Octo Zombie, position a Magnifying Grass in that lane and defeat it. Collect the green leaf, defend yourself with a Puff-Shroom or more Magnifying Grass where necessary, and wait for your Iceberg Lettuce to replenish. Use your green leaf on the Iceberg Lettuce to freeze everything and take a moment to organize yourself.

Our organized setup later in the level!

As always, your goal should be to have a Magnifying Grass in each lane and as many Moonflowers as possible. Use an Iceberg Lettuce where necessary and try to save your other green leaf for the last wave of zombies where you’ll face another two or three Octo Zombies.

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