Plants vs. Zombies 2: Collect 5000 Sun in Level 6 of Modern World

01/19/2016 08:36 am by Marcel Wuttig in Tips & TricksMobile GamesPvE

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Things are definitely heating up in the Modern World in Plants vs. Zombies 2. Each stage is pretty much as difficult as the hardest levels in any of the former worlds. Our tactic in level 2 got us through stages 3 through 5 more or less fine. In the sixth level, we needed to rearrange our strategy a little, however. Your goal is to collect 5000 sun. With the right approach, this should be no problem! Luckily, you won’t be facing any Gargantuars in this stage. The only really pesky creatures are the Jester Zombies and the Wizard Zombies which can pass your defenses if you don’t defeat them first.

Your number one goal in this stage is to stall the zombies. While it is no problem to collect 5000 sun, you need a little more time than the level offers if you quickly defeat all zombies. Equip yourself with Moonflowers, Lightning Reeds, Iceberg Cabbage, Chard Guards, and Magnifying Grass. Aside from that, choose whatever other plant fits your needs. Focus on planting the Moonflowers next to each other and try to establish three rows of this Shadow Plant. Freeze the first approaching zombie to gain a little more time. In terms of defense, we mostly relied on the Magnifying Grass. We defeated the Jester and Wizard Zombies right away, but only destroyed all the other walking dead whenever they got too close for comfort. We used our two green leaves on the Moonflowers to collect some more sun.

Our setup at the end of the level!

In the end, you will face three Wizard Zombies at once. When they turn your Magnifying Grass into sheep, try to plant a new one in that lane, just to make sure that you’re not defenseless. Defeat them as quickly as possible, but try to not kill all zombies before you collect your 5000 sun.

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