Plants vs. Zombies 2: Survive Level 2 in Modern World

01/18/2016 04:00 am by Marcel Wuttig in Tips & TricksMobile GamesPvE

Things are definitely heating up in Plants vs. Zombies 2. The Jurassic world had its fairly difficult moments, but it still didn't compare to the difficulty of the Big Wave Beach world. However, we can already tell from playing the first few levels that the Modern World will blow everything else out of the park in terms of its difficulty. Are you up for the challenge?

Frankly, level 2 was already quite hard. Sure, we made it through during our first try, but we lost almost all of our lawnmowers. Here's what you can do to make it through unharmed. The stage features mostly regular zombies as well as some special characters from the Ancient Egypt world. Get ready for Camel Zombies, Explorer Zombies, and Pharaoh Zombies in particular. Additionally, some of the walking dead from the Big Wave Beach world are transported through time to make your life a living hell. As though that wasn't enough, the level also features a Gargantuar.

Sounds like madness, right? Well, we found a way to defeat all those pesky undead. You will automatically be given a new plant called Moonflower. These socalled Shadow plants radiate a glow that powers up adjacent Shadow plants. You should position these types of plants next to each other. Additionally equip yourself with Iceberg Cabbage, Bowling Bulbs, Lightning Reeds, and Magnifying Grass. This plant will be the star of the show.

Our setup at the end of the level!

Your goal should be to position at least six Moonflowers next to each other, preferably in two rows of three each. You need as much sunlight as possible to make the most use of your Magnifying Grass. One shot costs 50 sunlight, but it is well worth it instantly killing regular zombies. Make sure to have one in each lane. In order to gain some time in between to collect enough sun, use your green leaves on the Iceberg Cabbage to freeze all zombies.

As an extra tip, make sure to instantly eliminate the Surfer Zombies and the Octo Zombies to make things somewhat more managable.

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