Pizza Connection
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Pizza Connection
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Pizza Connection Description

Have you ever wanted to take charge of your own pizzeria? This fun three-dimensional browser game gives you the opportunity to run your own pizza restaurant!


Pizza Connection is a browser based game, with colorful graphics and a simple, yet fun, game concept. You are given your own pizza restaurant, in which you must prepare and bake pizza, server your customers and keep them happy, and strive to have the busiest and most popular restaurant in town! There are several components to the free online simulation game Pizza Connection, including pizza baking and design, jazzing up your restaurant, and attracting new customers in order to make a profit.

Players can use either a Pizza Connection recipe, or make up pizza designs of their own using a host of tasty ingredients including tomatoes, mushrooms, parmesan, onions and more! As you progress through the game you can start claiming new toppings for your pizza, offering your customers more choice. It is important to keep up with other players and ensure the competition don't steal your precious customers! To keep things even spicier in the browser based game Pizza Connection, players need to watch out for the ominous in-game mafia – you never know when they're watching!

There is a new quest to be completed every day that will help you gain more points, and more gaming experience. With more experience comes the ability to expand your restaurant the way you see fit, striving to have the best pizza restaurant in town! Pizza Connection is a simulation game that runs simply through any browser, without any downloads. The game features 3D graphics, powered by a Unity engine, adding a special dimension to players' experience.

by Kyle Hayth

Pizza Connection Screenshots

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