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Pit of War
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Pit of War Description

Once you enter the battle arena, only you or the enemy is coming out alive. Whether you are going up against other players or mythical beasts, the task is the same, destroy your opponent and grow stronger with each victory.


Once you have set your eyes on the Pit of War, you will be led into the arena, where you can choose between Rage, War and Theatrics to annihilate your foe. Rage will allow you to overcome your foe with brute force and violent attacks, if your chose War you will need to fight an organized battle, and finally, if your choice is Theatrics, you will need the highest degree of showmanship to come out on top. Once inside, all of your troops will be gathered at your headquarters, where you can look over their equipment, repairing what you can and healing the wounded.

At the beginning, your soldier will be no better with one weapon than another, only by choosing which instrument of death to place in their hands will you determine how they progress. Then they can begin their mastery of your selected weapon and train their muscles to do the brutal work of hand to hand combat purely out of habit. Once you are comfortable with their proficiency with any particular weapon, you can send your gladiator into real competitive, life-or-death combat. In addition to your weapons, you will need to choose what sort of armor you will don, choosing heavier metal pieces for increased protection, but less mobility, or lighter, leather-based armors that offer less protection, but increased potential for swift strikes and evasive maneuvers.

Your final task before sending your gladiator into combat is to train them in the art of combat. Determine how they should react to various situations and attacks, and drill the proper counter attacks into their brain. As you progress through the challenges that await in Pit of War, you will earn experience, gold, items and much more as your gladiator becomes stronger with each passing duel, gather all of the spoils that you can and combine them effective strategies to rise to the top of the ranks.

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