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Pirates 1709
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Pirates 1709 Description

Dive into the fascinating world of the buccaneers of the early 18th Century. Build a settlement that produces resources, construct ships, form alliances, and pillage from your opponents...


Pirates 1709 is part of the thrilling trend of online strategy games. Pirates arouse associations with exciting naval battles, legendary sword fighting and gold treasures that lie buried beneath palm trees. Pirates 1709 takes you in the Caribbean of the 18th Century, at a time when the pirates of the sea often ambushed the royal gold shipments from the New World.

At the beginning of the web game, you take over a small settlement in one of five regions: the Bahamas, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica or Puerto Rico. This is your home town, which can never be conquered by another player. It serves as a base and is the starting point for future forays. In addition, you will be allocated a lumberjack and a fisherman, to ensure basic income for your settlement at the beginning.

Now you have to upgrade your home town. In Pirates 1709 there are several buildings available. For example, if you build a residence it reduces the future building construction time and increases the number of available fleets. In the shipyard, your ships are manufactured and you can store materials in the warehouse. In the quarters you have the opportunity to train your crew members and to prepare them for future battles.

Attacks on other players are necessary if you want to continue to expand. There are two possibilities: Either you prey on your opponents to quickly obtain resources, or you take over their settlements altogether. But beware: you might become a target for an attack just as easily. Keep a good eye on the other pirates.

by Kyle Hayth

Pirates 1709 Screenshots

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