Pirates: Tides of Fortune
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Pirates: Tides of Fortune
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Pirates: Tides of Fortune Description

Arr, you filthy landlubbers! Life on land is just not worth living! Out on the open sea is where every true pirate belongs. Do you think you have what it takes to be a successful seafaring criminal?


The free-to-play simulation Pirates: Tides of Fortune will test your pirate skills. Only those of you who actually are destined to be out on the open sea will succeed in this browser game. Before you get to test your seafaring skills, you will have to build, establish and maintain your successful pirate stronghold.

In Pirates: Tides of Fortune you have to constantly make sure that you can provide anything that a pirate’s heart desires. Scour the streets of Tortuga to find the most ruthless, fearless, and successful buccaneers out there to form a strong crew that has no fear. It is up to you to always meet their demands to guarantee that they will have your back. One of your first tasks will therefore be the establishment of a tavern. As we all know, if there’s one thing a pirate likes it is rum. The stronger your fleet, the more colonies you will be able to attack and successfully rob.

It is also extremely important in Pirates: Tides of Fortune to strengthen your island with fortifications against inimical attacks. In your search for riches, you will encounter many other rivaling captains who will not shy away from attacking your stronghold. Be prepared for ambushes at any given moment.

Pirates: Tides of Fortune is a free-to-play browser game which means that you can play it in the browser of your choice whenever you have a working internet connection. You will not have to download a client to play the online game. What’s even better is that you can play online with all of your friends. Simply invite them along whenever you plan on going on a plunder.

Play this game if you think that you can master the Seven Seas with your pirate fleet consisting of filthy buccaneers from Tortuga. Test your tactical thinking, explore the open seas, and go down as the most gruesome pilot in the world.

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