Pirates of Tortuga 2
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Pirates of Tortuga 2
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Pirates of Tortuga 2 Description

Your ship has wrecked and left you stranded. All of your crew is missing and you need to survive. Create your own settlement and build it from the ground up and become a feared pirate leader...


Pirates of Tortuga 2 is an online browser strategy game where you play the role of a captain that has washed up on shore. You must create a settlement from nothing by building houses, fishing huts and gathering resources from the island on which you are stranded.

There are several types of resources that are important to you in Pirates of Tortuga 2. Ranging from wood to population, all are required for different types of action. For example, wood is used to build almost everything in your growing settlement and fish feeds your population.

You can also sell your goods, such as tobacco or rum, at other points to create some revenue. You must balance your choices wisely as some of these goods you should keep for yourself. Pirates of Tortuga 2 also requires strategy on your part – can you manage your settlement better than others and keep your populace happy?

Form an alliance with other players that surround you. You know what they say, strength in numbers. Pirates of Tortuga 2 can be a dangerous game with your foes always trying to remove you from your settlement and claim it as their own. Having friends could certainly improve your chances of survival.

Let your adventures take you around the Caribbean as you explore new lands in Pirates of Tortuga 2. You will need to venture to other islands in order to capture loot or get into a fight. You can start fights while at sea, sailing between two different ports. Engage helpless traders to steal their goods by ripping apart their ships with cannons in fun battles.

Being the most feared pirate in the Caribbean is no easy task, but if you manage to found a strong settlement and upgrade your weapons, you just might have a chance. Pirates of Tortuga 2 will take you on adventures and pit you against others as you struggle to become the most infamous pirate of all time and reach the hall of fame.

by Kyle Hayth

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