Pirates of the Caribbean Online
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Pirates of the Caribbean Online
What to expect:
  • Play in the Pirates of the Caribbean Universe
  • Play with Friends in this Online MMO
  • Customize your Character and Pirate Ship
  • Explore the Vast World and Sail the Seven Seas
  • Fun Mini Games to Play
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Pirates of the Caribbean is Available for Free

Roam the wild seas and explore the volcanic tropical islands of the Caribbean as a brave seafaring pirate. Quest for golden treasure in this MMORPG.


Pirates of the Caribbean Online is a client game based on the popular Pirates of the Caribbean film series. Sail the wild seas alongside all of your favorite characters including the eccentric Captain Jack Sparrow and the infamous Davy Jones. Customize your very own pirate character and construct an impressive pirate ship. Embark on quests and missions at sea, in rich jungles, or in the depths of volcanic caves.

Connect with other pirate players in Pirates of the Caribbean Online using the various chat systems. Form a powerful band of pirates with your new friends and embark on unique guild quests. As you progress through the game, the quests become more challenging, but more rewarding. Keep all of your valuables in your treasured sea chest, including maps, weapons, jewels and a compass. Play with all your favorite allies including Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner, and fight against ferocious enemies such as Captain Barbossa and Tia Dalma.

Explore the vast world of Pirates of the Caribbean Online, from the port island of Kingshead to the mysterious Pantan River in Cuba. Engage in thrilling pirate battles on land or at sea against terrifying monsters and pirates, or take on enemy players in death matches and team battles. Expand your collection of valuable treasures by completing quests, or by hunting down buried treasure hidden in nooks and crannies all over the Caribbean. Partake in fun mini-games in Pirates of the Caribbean Online including Ship Repair, Potion Brewing and Cannon Defense.

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