Pirates of Scurvy Pond
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Pirates of Scurvy Pond
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Pirates of Scurvy Pond Description

Travel the seven seas, leading the exciting life of a pirates captain. You need to gather a qualified crew, upgrade your ship as often as possible and face new challenges...


Ahoy, Captain! In this game - called Pirates of Scurvy Pond - you are the boss aboard. As captain of your own pirate ship your task is crystal clear. You have to become a greatly feared water rat and sail the seven seas. No day should pass without at least one proper fight on deck.

At the beginning of the web game Pirates of Scurvy Pond, your ship resembles a harmless cockleshell rather than a scary opponent. Therefore, you better pick less powerful enemies to start with. You will have no trouble beating your first opponents on water. With the gold you earned in successful battles you can upgrade your boat. For example it would be a good idea to get harder wood, a compass and other parts that make your ship more powerful.Of course, you also need a brave crew. You can't go to battle all on your own, after all. Soon you will be able to attack powerful ships and challenge strong enemy pirates.

But, not matter how strong you and your crew become, alone you won't make it far in Pirates of Scury Pond. In order to advance in unknown waters you have to form alliances with other captains and create a real pirate fleet. Together, you can beat even the most powerful ships.

However, be careful not to push your luck too far. If you attack many ships within a short period of time, you will not only earn more gold but your wanted level will rise as well. When your wanted level gets too high you will end up in prison and have to take an unwanted break. You also need to take good care of your ship. Make sure to repair it quickly whenever it's damaged.

Pirates of Scurvy Pond is a typical browser-based MMOG. You do not only improve your ship and your crew, but you also make new friends, form alliances and face interactive challenges. In exciting battles you fight against other gamers and gather important skill points. You'll find support in the forum of the game or in the help section.

by Kyle Hayth

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