Pirates of the Burning Sea: Seafaring pirate MMOG goes free-to-play today!

11/29/2010 04:40 am in News

Sony Online Entertainment, publishers of the pirate-themed client game Pirates of the Burning Sea, will shut down the game servers for a few short hours today in preparation for the launch of the new free-to-play game version.
Pirates of the Burning Sea

Pirates of the Burning Sea

Moving the pirate MMOG into the free-to-play realm will make the game much more accessible for players all around the world. The F2P expansion will have limited content, with players receiving two character slots per nation, two active ships per character and two economy structures per account. You will be able to purchase upgrades and Burning Sea points, or move to a full subscription in order to access all features of the client game Pirates of the Burning Sea. Current account holders will retain all the benefits they enjoyed on the previous service.

A Port Governance system will be implemented, encouraging you to form guilds in order to take new players under your wings. Players who do so will be rewarded with in-game influence. The free-to-play move comes relatively soon after the launch of the Power and Prestige expansion, ensuring new and interesting content for all players, rookies or experienced.

Pirates of the Burning Sea is a MMOPRG, published by Sony Online Entertainment (Clone Wars Adventures, DC Universe Online) and developed by Flying Lab Software. As a pirate and master of the seas, you seek out adventures, embark on quests, expand your fleet and participate in intense PvP combat.

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