Pirates of the Burning Sea
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Pirates of the Burning Sea
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Pirates of the Burning Sea Description

Become a fierce pirate or noble officer and roam the seas aboard your seafaring vessel, embarking on captivating quests and taking on your enemies across the Burning Sea...


The client game Pirates of the Burning Sea takes you to the rough and vast Burning Sea, where mysteries and adventures lie around every corner. Set in the new world of the 18th Century, you must choose your nation - England, France or Spain - or simply sail the seas as a fierce lone pirate.

In Pirates of the Burning Sea you can choose between five thrilling character classes including Naval Officer, Privateer, Freetrader, Buccaneer and Cutthroat. The game is centered on territory control, with over 80 different ports that can be conquered. Once you have conquered a port, you can be elected as Port Governor. In this role you preside over the port's economy, managing trade and defense. The economy in the client game Pirates of the Burning Sea is fully player-driven, so your actions will decide the future of your port.

You can learn one of four skillful methods of on-land combat to help you overthrow relentless opponents. These include fast-paced Fencing, dual-wielding Florentine, deceptive Dirty Fighting and violent Brawling. Not only are you engaged in PvP combat in Pirates of the Burning Sea, but also in tactical ship combat. Deck out one of 150 historical ships in cannons and weaponry and be prepared to fire on command at your enemies. Stand out by customizing your ship with unique personal flags and sails.

In Pirates of the Burning Sea you are able to accept over 1,000 varying quests and missions, that once completed will bring you status, honor and rewards. 'Her Blood is Boiling', 'The Sinner Revealed' and 'Black Legend' are just some of the quests you will find in Pirates of the Burning Sea. Adventure on the high seas awaits you. If you seek help in this online game, it's best to join forces with other players and tacke particularly tough challenges together. Coordinated teamwork works best in this pirate MMO!

by Kyle Hayth

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