Pirate Storm: Death or Glory Update Brings New Guild Feature

09/05/2012 00:25 am by Kyle Hayth in NewsBrowser GamesPirates

Pirate Storm

Pirate Storm

A new update has just hit the servers of the pirate-filled MMO , Pirate Storm. With the introduction of Pirate Storm: Death or Glory, a new guild feature has arrived, as well as other content additions that are sure to keep the captains busy.

Guilds can now acquire their own islands within guild zones and their treacherous waters. “Players will experience a greater sense of union and engagement with their comrades, each fulfilling a duty amongst a number of responsibilities, and strengthening the guild connection to defeat their foes!”, said Philip Hufen, a Producer at Bigpoint.
In addition to guild islands, there are also guild finances available to guilds. A new in-game currency has been introduced, Guild Gold, which can be earned and contributed by each guild member. This currency is required to purchase building structures, workshops, repairs, upgrades and other items for the guild island headquarters.

On top of all of that, custom crafting has also been made available to the players of Pirate Storm. It is available to all players and with Raid Points, you can purchase blueprints containing crafting recipes – allowing you to create powerful items.

Source: Game homepage
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