Pirate Storm: Take to the High-Seas with New MMORPG

02/15/2012 05:04 am in News

Online game publishers Bigpoint have officially launched the pirate-packed adventure MMORPG, Pirate Storm. Now, players across the globe can experience the dangers of taking them helm of a ship and discovering a lush world of jungles and oceans.
Pirate Storm

Pirate Storm

As of yesterday, February 14th, the world of Pirate Storm is now ready to be experienced by players from around the world thanks to publishers Bigpoint (The Mummy Online, Battlestar Galactica Online) launching the new title and creating a full-fledged, pirate-themed MMORPG.

After what was a successful test phase in specific market, Pirate Storm has been made available for players worldwide with such languages as Brazilian Portuguese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Polish.

Pirate Storm will give you the chance to experience the action of being a captain of your very own vessel as you journey through this fantasy world and take on the challenges of day-to-day pirate life. You can duel other players or bring down mighty monsters alongside your friends, but make sure to always be on your toes!

Source: Press release
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