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Pirate Storm
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Pirate Storm Description

Step into the world of high-seas and adventure as part of a pirate fleet and experience a fantasy world of action as a captain in this free-to-play browser game.


All hands on deck! Regardless of whether it is an eight-legged monster from the deep or terrifying bandits on the high-seas, no task is too dangerous and no adventure too big for you to take on as a captain of your own ship in the free-to-play browser game, Pirate Storm. You will begin your journey and write your own story as a heroic seaman. You will steer your ship headlong into battle and your crew will follow your every command, even if it leads to certain death, for there is treasure to be found and adventures to be had!

You will immediately notice that you are not alone in the oceans of Pirate Storm. You will encounter any number of enemies and friends on your adventures, from large and small cogs, frigates and other such marine vessels. Some of them you will befriend and may even become your ally, while others only wish to see your ship sink and your treasures become theirs.

In Pirate Storm, it is quite important to know what weapons and armor you have at your disposal. In this action-packed browser game, you will have to decide whether or not you want a few large cannons or a number of smaller ones. Every decision you make can influence how long you survive on the waves. Of course, you will also have to use the right tactics as well. Not everyone can be the best pirate on the seas, but you can try your best.

Explore numerous ports, sail to the ends of the earth and lead your crew to victory at the helm of your very own ship in the free-to-play browser game, Pirate Storm.

by Kyle Hayth

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