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Pirate Quest
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Pirate Quest Description

Swashbuckling and flintlock pistols await you in a world of pirates and villany in this free-to-play MMO. Train up and make your enemies taste steel as you fight your way through the city...


Starting as a landlubber you are about as useful as a barnacle on the underside of a ship. You will have to gain experience to raise your level and get better items if you’re to get anywhere in the world of Pirate Quest.

Pirate Quest gives players the opportunity to cross swords with other players in-game. Simply head into the city and you will find plenty of opponents waiting to challenge you. You can also head into the sewers for a scrap with a rat swarm.

Purchase more weapons and armor in the Local Port Store of the town you are in to help you fare better in fights. There are also edible items in Pirate Quest which can significantly boost your stats and performance in combat. Head out to pillage a town once a day to find and capture useful items and trinkets.

To earn money and points in Pirate Quest, you have to win fights against players and the environment. Without either, it is impossible to rest and recover to fight again, so make sure you are always replenishing your points and resting. Players can purchase a ship to travel to other ports and experience other places in the Caribbean Sea. Making your way to new areas can be dangerous though, so make sure that you are prepared.

The life of a pirate is a hard, long road and fraught with danger. Take up arms against other players to gain skill, experience and the sweet reward of money to buy new items and ships. Travel to new areas exploring the world of Pirate Quest and be the most infamous pirate of all time.

by Kyle Hayth

Pirate Quest Screenshots

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