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Pirate Galaxy
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Pirate Galaxy Description

Fight for mankind in your role as a space pirate. Compete against predatory Aliens who will do anything to get more and more Kryonit. It takes a lot of strength and skill to defy them...


Pirate Galaxy combines two classic game concepts, namely the galaxy shooter and the pirate genre - the shooter elements dominate in Pirate Galaxy. As captain of your ship, you aggressively steer your spaceship through the vast universe and along the atmosphere of various planets and gas giants. Again and again you are faced with hostile spaceships that have to be eliminated.

Over time, you gain experience and resources by destroying alien ships. You upgrade your ship and do whatever repairs are needed. You certainly will not always get away without any damage. After all, there are ships of many different sizes and strengths flying around in Pirate Galaxy.
Therefore, it is always a good idea to objectively assess whether a fight is really worthwhile, or whether it is better not to hoist the pirate flag.

Another interesting aspect in the web game Pirate Galaxy is the clan system. It allows you to form alliances with other space pirates and attack strong enemies together. The communication system makes it easy to plan attacks together. You can compete against other players to collect additional points. Although that might weaken the strength of the human race - you are still a pirate, after all. And pirates sometimes even attack each other.

You can choose whether you want to play Pirate Galaxy as a browser game or as a client game. The 3D graphics are shown using Java, so only a Java plug-in must be installed in the browser if you want to go on the hunt for Kryonit.

by Kyle Hayth

Pirate Galaxy Screenshots

Pirate Galaxy Screenshot-0Pirate Galaxy Screenshot-1Pirate Galaxy Screenshot-2Pirate Galaxy Screenshot-3Pirate Galaxy Screenshot-4Pirate Galaxy Screenshot-5Pirate Galaxy Screenshot-6Pirate Galaxy Screenshot-7Pirate Galaxy Screenshot-8Pirate Galaxy Screenshot-9Pirate Galaxy Screenshot-10Pirate Galaxy Screenshot-11Pirate Galaxy Screenshot-12Pirate Galaxy Screenshot-13Pirate Galaxy Screenshot-14Pirate Galaxy Screenshot-15Pirate Galaxy Screenshot-16Pirate Galaxy Screenshot-17Pirate Galaxy Screenshot-18Pirate Galaxy Screenshot-19Pirate Galaxy Screenshot-20Pirate Galaxy Screenshot-21Pirate Galaxy Screenshot-22

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