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Pirate 101
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Pirate 101 Description

In the wake of world wide war, ship captains found themselves selling their services to the highest bidders, enlisting their crews in conflicts that had minimal effects on their own lives back home.


During this mercenary period, captains and crews alike began to realize that they could gain quite a bit more if they stopped reporting back to their contractors. Thus began the great age of piracy, with hordes of independent privateers breaking free from contractual bonds and plundering the riches of any ship they came across for their own personal gains and no one else’s. As the war and the endless pillaging of the pirates persisted, the naval power of the warring republics dwindled and began losing ground to newly developed pirate strongholds, leaving the pirates to answer to virtually no one. However the great navy of Marleybone is rising again in a more organized effort to directly deal with the menacing and overabundant pirates. Welcome to Pirate101!

You have a lot of work to do to avoid the clutches of Marleybone. You will need to master all aspects of life as a pirate to keep your hide safe. One of your most important skills is combat, since thar be no place on the vast blue see for the likes of yellow bellied land lubbers that run away from a good scrum. Combat isn’t so unsophisticated that you will just charge into battle with a sword and musket however. You won’t have much of a chance against the strictly organized pirate hunting armada of Marleybone if you can’t plan your defensive and offensive maneuvers effectively before rushing into battle, meaning the free-to-play gameplay in Pirates 101 has a strong strategic staple that will take place before the hand to hand action of boarding other ships or fighting at port.

Pirates aren’t all the same in how they go about their plundering ways though, so you’ll also have to choose a pirate class to develop your own individual style of piracy. You have five options for the type of salty dog you’d like to be in this 3D online game, including the Buccaneer, Musketeer, Privateer, Swashbuckler and Witchdoctor. Each class will offer its own strengths and weakness and a unique playstyle based on their abilities and attributes.

by Jonathan Smith

Pirate 101 Screenshots

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