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Piercing Blow
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Piercing Blow Description

Choose your side in Piercing Blow, as you battle it out against other players in heated first-person shooter action!


Choose Your Side

Piercing Blow's plot might not reinvent the wheel, but it is intense and thrilling nonetheless. Two distinct political belief groups are battling it out in the fictional country called Korogese. In recent years, this nation has risen atop the ranks of world powers. The country which was once ruled by a piecemeal government has been taken over by influential corporations and moneymaking businessmen whose number one goal is to turn Korogese into a utopian society. They are striving to disarm their population and install a peaceful society protected by laws and police. Their opposition is led by a group of rebels who have kept the country safe from harm in the past and have formed a militia who want to prevent corporations from running their home country. Do you want to join the Aegis Inc. in the name of powerful corporations or The Corps in the name of a skilled militia representing regular citizens?

Choose one of the many colorful characters in the game who will define your ideological view and shape your game style. Will you choose Acid, Keen Eyes, Fennec, Viper, or one of the other unique protagonists? Inform yourself on their personal motivation and their individual strengths and weaknesses on the battlefield.

Think around the Corner to Win

Piercing Blow is more than just your average first-person shooter! Various game modes guarantee for heated action and diverse gameplay. In Escape, you either hunt humans as a dinosaur or escape from these scaly lizards as a human! In Deathmatch, two teams battle it out until the bitter end. In Demolition, both teams will have specific goals to fulfil! Succeeding in battles and accomplishing quests will reward you with the opportunity to upgrade your characters. Customize your skills and abilities to become the best fighter in Piercing Blow!

The first-person shooter is available for free for Windows PC.

Piercing Blow Screenshots

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