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Pics Quiz
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Pics Quiz Description

Share your pictures with gamers from all around the world and turn them into tricky puzzles in this free app available for iOS and Android! Partake in multiplayer riddles inspired by the hangman challenge and guess the correct word within a few tries...


Everyone has probably played a round or two of hangman in their life. We are sure you have, too! It’s time to take the simple game one step further by adding a new twist to it and introducing it to the wondrous world of mobile apps. You can now download Pics Quiz for free and join the online fun on your iOS or Android phone or tablet right away, without having to sign up first. What’s the challenge? To guess the correct word within just a few tries and significantly increase your score. Other players will put up pictures they have either found or taken themselves and then connect a certain word to it. You will have to guess said word simply by looking at the picture and eliminating certain letters.

In Pics Quiz, challenges are as difficult as players make them. There’s no blaming the developers, as the free mobile game grows with the community. This means that you too can upload tricky puzzles and give your friends a task that they will wrack their brains over. You have 100 seconds to get the right answer. Can you correctly guess more words than your friends? Prove it! Pics Quiz is available in multiple languages, so if English doesn’t happen to be your mother tongue, that’s okay. If you are looking to face multiplayer online challenges, this brain game requires a stable internet connection. You can also decide to play offline and try your luck in hundreds of solo challenges.

Not every word will be as easy to guess as "kitten" or "sushi", mind you. Challenging picture puzzles await you in Pics Quiz and it’s up to you to solve them all! Simply press the letter that you think is part of the mystery word. If you’re right, the hangman puzzle will slowly fill up. If you’re wrong multiple times, you lose. Thankfully, you can always fall back on hints and jokers that will help you solve the riddle in no time and advance to the next stage of the free-to-play puzzle game.

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