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Picaroon Description

Start your adventure in the future, where the Earth has been submerged under a permanent tidal lock, leaving behind only small tropical islands to inhabit...


Picaroon is a client-based real-time strategy game whereby you take on other players online in action-packed skirmishes. Explore the sunlit part of the world, discovering hidden treasures, or summon the courage to venture to the darkened side of the world, fighting lurking enemies.

Starting with your own island settlement, you strive to expand by constructing new dwellings and by taking on enemy settlements. In the free-to-play MMO Picaroon it is important to choose your enemies and your friends wisely. Decide whether you will burn and destroy your opponent’s ships, or join forces to form powerful allies. You decide whether to take a diplomatic or a destructive approach in the strategy game Picaroon.

There are a variety of third party NPCs that seek to either destroy or help you as you venture the high seas. These include elusive scavenging pirates and nifty salesmen from which you can purchase powerful equipment and weaponry. The online game Picaroon has a unique card system that allows you to earn and collect powerful 'specials' to help you gain advantage over your enemies. These cards can be purchased by collecting taxes from your citizens and come in a variety of forms and uses. Some of these magical uses include forced volcanic eruption, increased construction speed, or laying minefield traps.

The client-based online strategy game Picaroon ends with an impressive all-out battle between players, where mysterious submarines and over-sized enemy ships appear from a darkened horizon. Strive to take reign over the most powerful empire and claim victory over the world as you overthrow your opponents.

by Kyle Hayth

Picaroon Screenshots

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